Narrators wanted

I’m seeking narrators for my prose and poetry. If you ever wanted to try your voice, we might be a great team!

Wanted: male and female, capable of narrating in different voices, able to capture and recreate characters’ personalities. Naturally, you would need to dig my work to be interested in this co-operation.

Neutral (or British-leaning) accent preferred. This is not a hard requirement, but the accent definitely must not be distracting.

This is not a paid job. I was going to hire professional narrators on Fiverr and even shortlisted a few. Then I realized that what I seek is a connection with artistic individuals who want to experiment with me and see where it takes us. If some revenue-generating venture (in the form of a sponsored podcast, or paid audio content) is in the cards, some sort of revenue sharing is definitely assumed.

It’s easy to try. If you are interested, please do the following:

  • narrate my story 13;
  • upload the audio clip to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive;
  • send me the link by email.

That’s it! Don’t worry about the audio quality, I’m interested in your delivery first. I will get back to you as soon as I listen to your work.

Looking forward to hearing my writing in your voice!

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