If I Knew

A dream coming quiet, steps forward alert,
Is scattering emerald and silver.
Its tiny lights puncture the fogs of the dark,
Chase shadows — in corners they shiver.

The quietest hour defeating my guardian,
Letting you in for a minute.
If I knew you were waiting for me in the dark,
I would step out the door to believe it.

These shimmering lakes multiplying the moon
Will greet us with fires and spirit.
If I knew how fleeting this magic can be,
I would step out the window to freeze it.

Yet corvids of time will watch your every move.
As the Orloj1Prague Astronomical Clock soon heralds the dawning,
They will herd above and salute the guard shift.
And suddenly, visions are drowning!

I see how blossoming meadows become
Bleak wastelands in sobering lighting.
We paid eons for hours, a life for a glimpse,
Yet silver turns grey in awakening.

A long, exhausting day ahead,
Mute terror reigns the hours till bed.
Tomorrow cycle starts anew.
Sweet nightmares, if I only knew!


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